Claire Fontaine - justice

Lasercut board, 400 gr., ultra marine gouache paint, stencil, brush and instructions
50 x 70 cm

Signed and numbered edition of 20 (+5 a.p)

MOREstencils (19)
300 €

The word ‘JUSTICE’ migrated to a stencil but it did so as its own reflection.
In the same way that we read ‘POLICE’ on a car, as if we were reading it in a mirror, in reverse, this stencil invites us to reflect, like mirrors do, on the current state of things.
What kind of justice do we have in mind when we read the word? The one delivered by court, delivered by the law who is blindfolded and threatening? The one that we want to see and we don’t? The one that the tarot card shows us: a sword in a hand, a scale in the other?
Is justice has to do with equality? With equity? Is justice possible?
Is justice like ‘police’? A good idea on paper, a terrible reality in our daily experience of it?
The stencil invites us to paint the word as if it was its reflection and reflect on how we feel, after doing it, after looking at it.
If desired the used stencil can be framed and presented in either direction; backwards or frontally. 


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