Credit to the Edit °1

Manuel Burgener, Claude Closky, Vaast Colson, François Curlet, Sylvie Eyberg, Liam Gillick, Alexandra Leykauf, Sophie Nys, Pratchaya Phinthong, Anri Sala, Yann Sérandour, Valerie Snobeck, Christophe Terlinden
26/04/2014 > 08/06/2014

"Credit to the edit" is a work by the Belgian artist Peter Lemmens. This work comes as a lightbox. Every time the work is presented, the title/image is reprinted in a new typeface, inspired by the typeface used previously. All the different typefaces are stored within the lightbox and are echoing through the lit surface, like remixes and audio track reissues. Each version adapts, adds,…until the original version is no longer traceable. The work will be on view during the course of the show. Adapted three times, following the rhythm of the three different presentations that will compose the exhibition. Each presentation will consist of an ensemble of existing editions and multiples, completed with a series of new productions.

For the first display, MOREpublishers produces six new editions; the numbers #4, #5 and #6 of the series Exhibition copy by respectively Claude Closky, François Curlet and Yann Sérandour, and the numbers #29, #33 et #34 of the series Hors série by Pratchaya Phinthong, Valerie Snobeck and Manuel Burgener.

The series Exhibition Copy of which the six existing numbers are shown during this first phase is the most recent of the four series started up by MOREpublishers. For now, it gathers the propositions by Belgium artists Vaast Colson, Sophie Nys and Christophe Terliden as well as the ones of the French artists Claude Closky, François Curlet and Yann Sérandour. Exhibition copy is composed of a standard format. An A4 photocopy accompanied by an A2 silkscreen print, the A2 being an enlargement of the A4 print or, reflections on how the enlargement can add something, twist, or create a shift. The editions are produced on the occasion of exhibitions and/or presentations. During these public events the A4 photocopies are distributed to the visitors. The A4 prints are presented alongside the A2 silkscreen prints so that people are invited to continue the photocopy and distribution process endlessly. The term ‘Exhibition Copy' is referring to the use of copies of works (printed matter, video works, etc) without value. To be used in exhibitions or demonstrations only. The A4 photocopy has the colophon printed on the backside. ‘Exhibition copy' is published in an edition of 10 (+ 4 A.P.), signed and numbered.

Hors série is an on-going series. Consisting of various productions- object-like multiples, printed matter, etc. The artists and/or MOREpublishers produce most of the editions on the occasion of exhibitions or events as a result of specific proposals. The first part of Credit to the Edit includes the Hors Séries by Sylvie Eyberg, Alexandra Leykauf, Pratchaya Phintong, Valerie Snobeck, and Manuel Burgener whose edition is also used here as a presentation support for three numbers of the series Sunday: the #009 by Liam Gillick, the #17 by Anri Sala as well as the #025 by Claude Closky.

Sunday is the first series of publications published by MOREpublishers. It is an editorial project published on a bi-monthly basis. A standard format was developed specifically for this project, in which an artist is invited to conduct an intervention, re-think a work, or make an adaptation. Sunday is a cross between a publication, an artist's edition, a multiple, and an exhibition. A foldable exhibition platform, a poster-like monograph, an artwork edition…

The exhibition includes as well the number 4 of the series INSERTS, Inside the Studio by Claude Closky. INSERTS is the third series of editions by MOREpublishers. These editions were initially inspired by Inserts, a publication by Group Material, published in the late 80's. The publication was composed of 10 artist's pages, bound to a small booklet then published as an advertising supplement in the New York Times. Different from the original INSERTS-publication, this series is composed of 8 loose A4 pages. Each issue is made by one artist. The pages are bundled in a signed and numbered (A4) colophon-folder. Published in an edition of 40 (+ 7 A.P.).