Public Poster Program

Public Poster Program is a one year exhibition program consisting of 12 individual contributions.

Every month of 2016 an artist is invited to develop a work, a large industrial screen printed poster. Over the course of 2016 the posters will be on view, one by one in office like metal and glass display cases that are hung in public areas. These display cases function as autonomous exhibition spaces with a regular time-based program.

The first display case were installed in January 2016 at the front window of MuZEE, Oostend (BE) and at the bar of MuHKA, Antwerp (BE). In April, another one was installed in the entrance hall of KASK, Ghent (BE). Over time more vitrines will be installed in Belgium and abroad. The program/exhibition will be on view simultaneously, in different  places.

In 2017 a second year program was launched, following a different and variable rhythm.

Once the poster-program is completed it can be repeated endlessely, month after month, year after year.