Exhibition copy

Exhibition copy series consists of 9 contributions by Belgian and French artists.  The whole series was released between December 2013 and May 2014 on occasion of 3 exhibitions or public events.

The exhibition copy format is composed of an A4 photocopy accompanied by an A2 silkscreen print. The A2 being an enlargment of the A4 print. Or, a reflection on how the enlargment can add something, twist, or create a shift.

Exhibition copy exists in two versions, one signed and numbered limited edition of 10 (+ 4 A.P.), and one endless edition.

During the public events, each edition is presented as a dyptich (The A4 print alongside the A2 silkscreen print.) limited edition, and, as a free edition (A stack of photocopies of each A4 proposition which has the unsigned/unnumbered colophon printed on the backside). Allowing visitors to take away copies of the stack of free A4 copes and to repeat the photocopy and distribution process endlessly.

The first 3 editions were made by Belgian artists Vaast Colson, Sophie Nys and Christophe Terlinden and released at La Panacée, Montpellier (FR) on the occasion of a presentation and debate on editions as/within collections. The 3 following issues were made by by French artists Claude Closky, François Curlet and Yann Sérandour, presented in April 2014 as part of the first section of the exhibition « Credit to the Edit » at CNEAI, Chatou (FR). The three last ones, by Belgian artists Nel Aerts, Michiel Ceulers and Michael Van den Abeele were published for the exhibition  MOREpublishers presents exhibition copy and more, at Frans Masereel Centre, Kasterlee (BE) in May 2014.


  • Michael Van Den Abeele
  • Michiel Ceulers
  • Yann Sérandour
  • François Curlet
  • Claude Closky
  • Christophe Terlinden
  • Sophie Nys
  • Vaast Colson