Mandla Reuter - Breeze

Thasos Snow White marble and optical fiber
Marble: 15 x 11 x 10 cm, optical fiber: 100cm

Signed and numbered edition of 15 (+ 6 A.P.)

Hors-série # 110
200 €

The edition Breeze, 2018 is a small version of Mandla Reuter’s recent work, Mountain Air, 2018.

Mountain Air is composed of a block of Thasos Snow White on a palette that traveled from Greece to its actual destination. 

On top of it rests a spool of optical fiber cable. Whilst the travel time of the marble from Thasos was relatively long, coming on a ferry to the mainland and taking road routes after, the optical fiber cable permits (data) travel in the speed of light. Marble and cable seem to embody different realities and different concepts of time.

Like Mountain Air, 2018, its downsized version Breeze, 2018 is composed of parts from larger entities, a small rock taken from a mountain on the greek island Thasos and an optical fiber, which is part of the largest entity of the physical structure of the Internet, enveloping the earth in a more or less close-knit net of optical fiber cables.

Each edition comes in a cardboard box with protective foam, a ready-made postal box adding other means of transportation to the actual work.

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