Mario Garcia Torres - DRGN ANCHR HERE

Stack of A4 paper, certificate and stamped envelope
A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)

Signed and numbered edition of 15 (+ 5 a.p)

stack piece #5
200 €

DRGN ANCHR HERE (n.d.) is taken from a newly conceived series of works by Mario Garcia Torres. Although simple in appearance, the text written carries a bold message, handwritten with graffiti-tag markers by the artist himself. The work relates to a pre-social media phenomenon, when people who had little interaction with society would leave cryptic messages on public spaces, often on office windows, revealing their frustrations or states of mind. These were often ways of expressing what in their daily life seem for them impossible to convey. “Dragging anchor here”, the specific message on this work, functions metaphorically to talk about someone who is being moved by currents, a lost vessel, with attachments that are not functioning properly. Proposed as a stack and post piece, DRGN ANCHR HERE pretends to imagine a conceptual statement being conquered by strong personal emotions.

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